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The Business Planning Day

"my dream is to help as many people as I can to realise their dreams."

Is it about time your business reached its full potential?

Are you ready to stop thinking about it & start doing it?

Ready to create a straightforward, uncomplicated but exciting plan?

This 1 day workshop is perfect for people determined this is the time to stop playing at business and start really growing it. We will cover everything you need to do over the next 3 months to really get your business moving!


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The Rocket Powered Planning Day

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Workshops are a great way to step off the hamster-wheel for a few hours and really focus on developing yourself and your business.

Workshops are a great way to step off the hamster-wheel for a few hours and really focus on developing yourself and your business.

Do you often feel as though you have a gazillion brilliant ideas about how to grow your business but you get constantly side-tracked by all the day-to-day ‘stuff’?

If you do then these workshops are a great way to take a step away from the daily grind, refresh, refocus, build a simple but achievable plan, and really kick-start your business growth.

We have lots of great workshops coming up including some really exciting collaborations.

Because not everybody can travel to these workshops, there’s also an online version.

We cover exactly the same information and work through the same workbook, so everything above still applies, including creating your own simple but hugely effective 1 page plan by the end of the sessions.

The day is split into two 2.5hour zoom calls a week apart because a full day online is enough to fry anyone’s brain.

This way you get to do half of your planning, then reflect, fill in any gaps, and regroup ready to build your brilliant plan.

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Wednesday 2nd December – £79
9:30am – 12:00pm (Book Here)

Wednesday 9th December – £79
9:30am – 12:00pm (Book Here)
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