In my experience recruiting the right team is one of the biggest challenges for a growing business. If you’ve spent some time working for a large corporate company then you may well have had some training along the way in how to recruit people. Without that background though you may be like many other business owners & effectively be ‘winging it’.

Whilst there are some excellent recruitment companies around, many charge fees that are out of reach for small businesses and often the business owner is still left to manage most of the recruitment process themselves. That’s why I’ve created a complete step-by-step hand-holding service to help you find great people. I can support you through some or all of the following stages, depending what level of support you need. I can help you to:

  • Write a compelling job advert that doesn’t just focus on experience or qualifications but really gets across the type of individual you’re looking for (e.g. outgoing and confident versus process driven & quality focused)
  • Analyse CVs and applications, I will show you the secret signs to look for to find out how dependable, conscientious and hard-working somebody really is
  • Create an interview process that will help you really dig into someone’s character and attitude
  • Define objective criteria so that you can assess those people interviewed in exactly the same way rather than just offering the job to the person you liked best (which is usually the person most like you, but chances are you’ll need somebody quite different to you for the role to create some balance).
  • Write the job description and if necessary define how the new person’s performance will be measured.
  • Create an induction process so any newbies quickly understand your company ethos, the company’s plans and their role in those plans.
  • Develop a training plan for their first few weeks or months so that they can be fully trained to work independently as quickly as possible
  • Create systems to manage and motivate your team on an ongoing basis so you can get the best from them and they can enjoy working in such a great place

This is a fully bespoke service to meet your individual needs so if you would like to find out how this could help you why not get in touch today?