The Business Growth Mastermind

What’s it all about?

Do you have a business that’s already established and has a good reputation? 

But you know it has waaaay more potential than you’re currently achieving? 

Then this is for you!  

Especially if you would love to be part of a trusted ‘inner circle’ that shares advice, guidance, support, accountability and an occasional arse-kicking!

What You'll Get

1. Weekly Training

I’ll be adding a new training video each week plus supporting handouts, templates or examples as needed.

There will be a suggested task every week related to the video that’ll help you grow your business. But you’re a grown up so you get to choose whether those are the right areas for you to work on right now or not. Tasks aren’t compulsory so no one can get left behind!

2. Q & A Sessions

There’ll also be a live Q & A session every week where you’ll have the chance to ask ANY questions about ANY area of your business that you’re struggling with right now.

3. Access To The Vault

And you’ll get immediate access to all the previous content as soon as you join, so you get lots of value the moment you join.

Every video will be saved into a handy weekly unit in the group so you don’t need to worry about being able to make every call. 

4. Accountability & Support

Because let’s be honest, we’re all crap at holding ourselves accountable, aren’t we? So, each week you’ll be asked to commit to some clear actions to develop your business, and then to feedback on how you’ve got on

All of the training and accountability will be delivered via an exclusive Facebook Group. You can use the group to ask additional questions or seek feedback or support from me and from your fellow Mastermindees throughout your week. This is your squad!

Which Areas of Business Will The Training Cover

The short answer is all of them!

Anything that will help you grow a business will be in here. The majority will be delivered by me, but where I’m not the expert there will be guest sessions from people at the top of their game to help you out.

The agenda will be flexible and driven by you, so that whatever is this most common challenge amongst the group will be the next topic covered.

As an example, we’ll be covering things like planning and organising, managing your finances and understanding your numbers, sales and marketing, vision and values. And lots more!

What Will I Learn?

How to build a simple but challenging plan and then how to actually stick to it.

How to confidently sell more without ever feeling like a pushy sleazy slimebag!

How to stop underselling yourself and charge the right price, and how to increase your prices without feeling terrified.

How to mould what you do into compelling packages that your customers love to buy.

How to structure your message and build your reputation and presence without feeling you have to be online 24 x 7.

How to attract the perfect ones for you and how to manage them and their work so that you offer fantastic service whilst also maintaining clear boundaries

What does it cost?

The price is just £75 per month incl VAT (what a bargain!)

And no matter what happens to the price of the programme in the future, the price you join at is locked in for life for continual members.

Who Is Invited?

The group will be limited to an absolute maximum of 30 people to maintain the trust and personal feel of the group.

You won’t see a giant hoo har of a launch either, just a select bunch of the right people who I know have something to gain and who will suit the group.

Results Matter

It’s hugely important to me that every person who joins this group sees results.

I’ve lost count of the number of stories I’ve heard of people spending thousands of pounds on coaches and courses that just don’t deliver.

And frankly that stinks.

So I’ll be doing everything reasonably possible to make sure that you see results from being a member of this Mastermind. 

Ready To Jump In?

Join The Mastermind

Just £75/pm