How To Review Your Year

How often do you review what is working well in your business and where you can improve?

For me, regularly reviewing and planning is one of the most important things that you can do in your business because this is the thing that will actually enable you to change and improve things going forwards.

So as we’re coming right to the end of the year, I thought it made complete sense this week to talk about how you can effectively review your year and then actually start to think about what that means for you going forwards into next year.

Now interestingly, somebody actually shared a post into my Facebook group, The

Business Growth Community just this week. It was a post from Clive Woodward, the former rugby coach, the coach of the England World Cup winning team, and he was talking about the importance of reviewing why they won.

And what we really typically do in business is we constantly look at the things that we’re not that happy with or where things aren’t going quite as we would like.

And yet we very easily skim over the things that have worked well.

But actually the things that have worked well are more often than not the real insights into how we move forward more.

And I was really, really pleased to see that Clive Woodward was talking about how important it is to review what’s going well and why you win.

So that’s definitely something I would encourage you to do in your business and really think about what’s gone well for you this year.

This week’s VLOG gives you a bit of a template that you could follow to get yourself a really

effective review of your year and get yourself really focused and proactively thinking about next year.

Click on the video image below to watch,



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