How To Explain Your Value

Are you confident about explaining what difference you make to your customers?

Can you quickly tell somebody why they should work with you?

Or do you find yourself scrabbling around when you try to talk about the impact you have and the value you add to your customer?

I honestly think this is one of the biggest challenges for lots of people in business.

We’re all taught as youngsters not to show off and to be quiet and humble.

But unless we can clearly quantify the value we add to our clients then it’s really hard to charge the right price for the work we do.

And we’re much more likely to get dragged in to competing with other businesses who we know aren’t actually a patch on us!

That’s why this week’s vlog shares some of my favourite tips to help you really dig into the value you add so that you can charge what you deserve!



Because I think this is such a fundamental part of helping you and your business to differentiate yourself and charge what you really should be charging, I’ve written a free guide: How To Understand Your Value

The guide takes you though a series of steps and questions to help you unearth everything that’s fantastic about you so that you can change the conversations you have with potential customers and focus on value rather than price.

You can download it right here

And of course you’re very welcome to share both this week’s vlog and the free guide with anyone else who you think this could help.


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