How Far Ahead Should You Plan Your Business?

How Far Ahead Should You Plan Your Business?

Do you ever listen to people talking about 10 year business goals and wonder how anybody can have a clue what their business will look like in 10 years?   Have you tried setting 3 or 5 year goals and just felt like it was a pointless exercise?   Well, do you know what?   […]

How to Plan Out Your Weeks

How to Plan Out Your Weeks

  Do you have some regular routines in your business that hep you stay organised?   Do you plan for each week to have a similar structure?   Or are they all like kamikaze creatures possessed?   If they’re manic, do not panic!   (Do you see what I did there?)   This week’s vlog […]

Do You Need a Business Plan

do you need a business plan

Have you ever spent aaaaaaages creating a business plan and then never really used it at all? Or have you created a plan that looked amazing but you never managed to stick to the plan so the effort was all wasted anyway. Would you love to have a clear and simple plan but you feel […]

How to build simple systems into your business

Do you regularly feel as though your business is too chaotic? As though there are so many things to remember that you feel as though you’re forever spinning plates? You’re definitely not alone in that. I think it’s a really common challenge to know that you need to create some proper systems and processes but […]

How talking can help you plan better

  How many things do you have in your head that you need to get done? Is it more or less than 86 bazillion? The truth is that most of us keep loads and loads and loads of things in there. And then feel constantly swamped by trying to remember everything. Which is where the […]

Do You Need Processes In Your Business?

Do you have clear systems and processes in your business that keep you on track? Now I know that a lot of people think systems are going to pin you down, destroy your creativity, and hem you in. But actually what they create is consistency, efficiency and professionalism. They stop you from forgetting things, missing […]

How to get to grips with the numbers in your business

Hands up who loves working on the numbers in your business? Spreadsheets and balance sheets – woohoo! No??? Bane of your life? Stuff you constantly shy away from and leave until the last possible moment to deal with?!? OK, let’s be honest, most people do NOT love the accounting bits of their business. It’s easy […]

The Simplest Way To Stop Putting Off Your Business Development

What’s most important? Customers’ work or developing your own business? Or is it a classic chicken and egg situation of both being equally important? I talk to LOTS of people who are really keen to grow their business but feel constantly stuck because there isn’t enough time left to do that after they’ve done all […]

How To Review Your Year

How often do you review what is working well in your business and where you can improve? For me, regularly reviewing and planning is one of the most important things that you can do in your business because this is the thing that will actually enable you to change and improve things going forwards. So […]

How To Help More Customers Say Yes

Do your potential customers see you as the expert? Or are you being a little bit too humble with your knowledge and your attributes? It can be very tempting when you’re talking to a potential new customer to be very gracious, very warm, very open; to share a lot of knowledge and information, but not […]