How To Host A Perfect Sales Call

What an amazing week of weather we’ve been having this week.   Can you believe we actually had a Bank holiday with decent weather. Amazeballs!   But enough about the weather!   I thought...

How To Sell Without Being Sleazy

Have you ever had one of those awful experiences of being on the receiving end of a really unpleasant ‘hard sell’?   You know those times where you’re cringing, backing away, trying to shrink...

Are you easy to buy from?

Do you make it really easy for potential customers to quickly find the answers to all their potential questions? Or do you play your cards close to your chest because you want to speak...

Are You A Sales Guru or Sales Phobic?

There’s a question that I regularly ask new business owners that I meet. It’s a really simple question but it can be incredibly insightful. The question is … “what’s your opinion of salespeople?” Their...


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