Are you easy to buy from?

Do you make it really easy for potential customers to quickly find the answers to all their potential questions? Or do you play your cards close to your chest because you want to speak to people personally to help them make a decision? If it’s the second one then you may find that you’re accidentally […]

Do You Really Need A Sales Process?

Do you think you’re grrrreat at sales? Or does it give you the complete heebie jeebies so you try and avoid it at all costs? Do you also have those awkward moments with potential customers when you think they’re really interested but you’re not quite sure and you just don’t know how to help them […]

Should I Still Be Selling Right Now?

Have you been having a crisis of confidence about whether its OK to still be marketing and selling your stuff right now? Are you seeing too many ranters online screaming that this is immoral or profiteering? Well I think that’s nonsense! Of course we shouldn’t try and milk the situation & suddenly turn into mercenary […]

How To Help More Customers Say Yes

Do your potential customers see you as the expert? Or are you being a little bit too humble with your knowledge and your attributes? It can be very tempting when you’re talking to a potential new customer to be very gracious, very warm, very open; to share a lot of knowledge and information, but not […]

3 Reasons Your Sales Are Slipping Through The Net

Do you ever go through those spells in your business when you’re having lots of great conversations with potential new customers who feel like your ideal customer? The conversations go amazingly well, the relationships click perfectly, and everything seems aligned for these to become your new favourite customers. And yet somehow, they all slip through […]

4 Tasty Business Lessons From A Food Fayre

Are you like me these days and you find yourself looking at things that are nothing whatsoever to do with your business through business eyes? I have a feeling that sentence reads like a bit of a tongue twister so I’d better explain! Last weekend I visited Beaumaris Food festival and bought lots of lovely […]

What Does Value Really Mean?

Do you ever have that sinking feeling at the very moment you’re about to tell somebody your price, when your conscience jumps in with the ‘can I really charge that’ doubt? Am I worth that? Do I really deliver that much value? I know this is something that happens to a lot of people (I […]

The Power of Asking Great Questions

I want to let you into a secret this week that could save you lots of time and energy in your future sales meetings. It’s a great trick that could make those meetings feel much less stressful, run more smoothly and hopefully become a lot more lucrative for you too. Because I know that sales […]

Why Every Business Needs A Sales Process

When I say ‘sales process’ does that make you think of pushy, aggressive sales people who have their own inflexible approach that never bends regardless of your needs as a customer? If it does, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone because I know it implies that for a lot of people! But it absolutely doesn’t […]

Why It’s OK To Say “I’ll Never Be Any Good At Sales“

OK, let me ask you a question …what are the first few words that spring to mind when I say “salesperson”? Is it something like “professional, organised, well-trained and popular”? Or is it more like “pushy, sleazy, slimy, aggressive and arrogant”? This is a question I ask in lots of my workshops and I can […]