How to Handle Requests For A Discount

How do you feel when somebody asks you for a discount? Are you appalled, outraged and indignant? Disappointed that they can’t see the value in what you do? Or intimidated by the thought of having to justify your price? Orrrrrr, do you just tend to capitulate & agree because, hey they’re nice and they’ll make […]

Is It Time To Put Your Prices Up?

Do you feel as though setting your price is a constant quandary? Do you worry that increasing your price will lose you all your customers? Even though you know you’re really undercharging! Personally, I think pricing is one of the most difficult and most emotional areas of business. Which is why my vlog this week […]

Should I Negotiate On Price?

Do you negotiate on price? Or are you adamant that your price is your price and everyone pays the same? Now some of you here know me very well and know that 99.999% of the time I think that discounting is bad for you and bad for your business. But I do admit that in […]

How to Help More People to Buy From You

How good are you at telling people how much it costs to work with you? Or even at explaining exactly how they can work with you and what you offer? This is such a key moment for your potential customers but that only adds to the discomfort of talking about money doesn’t it? Because how […]

Have you thought about putting your prices up?

Have you put your prices up recently or are you in that space of thinking that you probably should put them up but you’re not quite ready yet? Or maybe you’ll put them up soon but you’re just waiting for some kind of sign, or you’ve just got all those questions going on about what […]

How to Write Great Proposals That Gain You More Clients

Do you ever find yourself feeling bamboozled and at a bit of a loss when a potential client asks you to send them a proposal? There can be so many tricky questions about quotes or proposals can’t there? How do you know what to put in there? How do you make yourself look fabulous and professional? How do you create […]

How do I know what price to charge?

Do you ever find yourself having a bit of a heated internal debate about whether you’ve got the pricing right in your business? I know that for a lot of people who are growing a business, price is one of the most difficult and often most uncomfortable areas of business. It brings up all sorts […]

4 Reasons Your Price May Be Costing You Money

I’ve been talking to a lot of people recently about the things they find most difficult about growing a business. And finding the right price for their service is something that keeps coming up again and again and again. It’s a real dilemma, and finding a way to define exactly what your price should be […]