How to build simple systems into your business

Do you regularly feel as though your business is too chaotic? As though there are so many things to remember that you feel as though you’re forever spinning plates? You’re definitely not alone in that. I think it’s a really common challenge to know that you need to create some proper systems and processes but […]

Do You Need Processes In Your Business?

Do you have clear systems and processes in your business that keep you on track? Now I know that a lot of people think systems are going to pin you down, destroy your creativity, and hem you in. But actually what they create is consistency, efficiency and professionalism. They stop you from forgetting things, missing […]

How To Get More Done In Less Time

Have you ever had one of those situations where you’ve spent what feels like hours & hours of your time talking to a potential customer. You’ve helped them, advised them, given them some tips, talked about your service, sent them a lovely proposal. And then they lose interest. And you feel like a total mug! […]

3 Simple Tips for Daily Focus

How are your days going right now in the joys of lockdown? Are you finding it impossible to focus because your house is non-stop chaos? Or are you finding things incredibly monotonous so that days all seem to blur into one? Or maybe you’re one of the fortunate few who is sticking to a structure […]

How To Get More Done By Focusing On Less

We’re being deceived into thinking that we should be able to work on elevently billion things at once when our beautiful brains actually function far better when we allow then to focus on one thing at a time Although probably not that slowly! The thing is, I’ve seen so many people try to multi-task because […]

How To Stop Trying To Be All Things To All People

Do you ever find yourself feeling under pressure to try to be all things to all people within your business? There’s probably a huge range of products and services that you could offer. Maybe face to face services, perhaps online services, possibly one-off products, or long term retained products; all sorts of different things. Maybe […]

How To Manage Your Natural Energy Peaks And Troughs

Have you ever noticed that when you run your own business, you can have huge highs and lows in your energy and your motivation? One day you can feel really motivated, totally focused, you’re completely ‘on it’. Well and truly in the zone! But somehow, before you know it, all that energy can just vanish, […]

How to Write Great Proposals That Gain You More Clients

Do you ever find yourself feeling bamboozled and at a bit of a loss when a potential client asks you to send them a proposal? There can be so many tricky questions about quotes or proposals can’t there? How do you know what to put in there? How do you make yourself look fabulous and professional? How do you create […]

How Systems & Processes Can Help You Grow Your Business

If I suggested we talked about systems and processes in your business, what would be your immediate reaction? My guess is that it would NOT be a reaction of excitement! Let’s face it, systems and processes generally make us think about things that are slightly dull, fairly monotonous, perhaps a bit regimented, and maybe even […]

Ever feel overwhelmed?

Do you ever get the frustrated feeling that you’ve been working absolutely nonstop for the last few days or even the last few weeks but somehow you’re just not making the inroads that you want to? Do you feel as though everything you have to do for your business is just overwhelming? Like you’re struggling […]