How to Handle Requests For A Discount

How do you feel when somebody asks you for a discount? Are you appalled, outraged and indignant? Disappointed that they can’t see the value in what you do? Or intimidated by the thought of having to justify your price? Orrrrrr, do you just tend to capitulate & agree because, hey they’re nice and they’ll make […]

Is It Time To Put Your Prices Up?

Do you feel as though setting your price is a constant quandary? Do you worry that increasing your price will lose you all your customers? Even though you know you’re really undercharging! Personally, I think pricing is one of the most difficult and most emotional areas of business. Which is why my vlog this week […]

Should I Negotiate On Price?

Do you negotiate on price? Or are you adamant that your price is your price and everyone pays the same? Now some of you here know me very well and know that 99.999% of the time I think that discounting is bad for you and bad for your business. But I do admit that in […]

How to get to grips with the numbers in your business

Hands up who loves working on the numbers in your business? Spreadsheets and balance sheets – woohoo! No??? Bane of your life? Stuff you constantly shy away from and leave until the last possible moment to deal with?!? OK, let’s be honest, most people do NOT love the accounting bits of their business. It’s easy […]

How To Handle Your Credit Control

What the heck is credit control anyway? This is stuff other people do surely, not you or I?? Well no, credit control is exactly what you need to have in place in your business so that you know what to do the moment a customer is late paying their invoice. It’s what you need to […]

Are you clear on how much you earn?

How much clarity do you have about how much income your business is likely to generate next month, or the month after, or the month after that, even, dare I say it, six months down the line?   Do you actually have that information documented somewhere, whether that’s in an notepad, on a spreadsheet, in […]

How To Get Your Business’ Finances Under Control

How well do you understand all of the financial things about your business? Because let’s be honest, unless you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper, the vast majority of us didn’t go into business because we love accounts and numbers and spreadsheets and finances and things. And actually for a lot of us, they leave us […]

How do I know what price to charge?

Do you ever find yourself having a bit of a heated internal debate about whether you’ve got the pricing right in your business? I know that for a lot of people who are growing a business, price is one of the most difficult and often most uncomfortable areas of business. It brings up all sorts […]

Why You Deserve A Payrise!

I’ve been talking to several clients recently about their business goals. It’s reminded me how common it is to see people running a business, working tirelessly to deliver a fantastic service to their clients but paying themselves a frankly measly salary. So many people pay everyone and everything else before they pay themselves, and are […]

3 Ways To Get Paid Faster

One of the most damaging things to a small business is having clients that pay late.  The best laid plans can be shattered when expected payments don’t arrive. You may then find yourself in that awkward situation of having to juggle the payments due out of your own business and working out what’s the most […]