Simple Social Media Tips: Part 2

simple social media tips

This week’s vlog shares 4 more of my favourite howlers to avoid on social media …   Being over-enthusiastic about your capacity so that you can’t keep up with your planned activity Skipping straight past the learning phase so you dive straight in and then wonder why nothing works Getting obsessed by the stats Pretending […]

Simple Social Media Tips: Part 1

Simple Social Media Tips 1

Have you perfectly nailed your social media strategy this week?   Or do you wonder what a social media strategy even is?   Because there are bazillions of people online telling you about different things that you could or should be adding in constantly.   But it’s impossible to keep up with it all isn’t […]

Have you mastered the first rule of marketing?

Have you mastered the first rule of marketing?

I was talking with a recent group of planners at one of my Planning Workshops about the perils of marketing.   And the feeling that you having to be constantly learning and innovating.   Which often feels impossible when you’re already juggling 86 bazillion other balls to keep your business growing doesn’t it?   I […]

How To Get The Best From Facebook Groups

How To Get The Best From Facebook Groups

How many Facebook Groups are you a member of?   Is it more than 36 bazillion or just under?   Facebook groups can either be brilliant places to connect, learn and find support or gain new business.   Or they can be a rabbit hole that steals your time day after day after day.   […]

How to add subtitles to your videos

I’ve had looooooads of questions recently from people asking how I subtitle my videos. And the answer is that I actually have absolutely no idea! Because my trusty VA Kylie takes care of the whole thing for me. Which is why, instead of a vlog from me this week, I asked Kylie to film a […]

How to Help More People to Buy From You

How good are you at telling people how much it costs to work with you? Or even at explaining exactly how they can work with you and what you offer? This is such a key moment for your potential customers but that only adds to the discomfort of talking about money doesn’t it? Because how […]

Do you need to be making videos?

Hands up who’s making videos for their business? Aaaaand hands up who’s running away faster than Forest Gump at the thought of it??? I think this is one of those classic areas that can massively highlight our insecurities – about our body, our voice, our presentation skills, our ability to explain things without 42 bazillion […]

Classic Social Media Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Do you get paranoid that being more active on social media will just draw all the trolls and haters out of the woodwork? Are you determined to build stronger connections on here this year but constantly juggle your doubts about how often to sell (or whether never selling at all would just feel more comfortable!) […]

3 Reasons Your Sales Are Slipping Through The Net

Do you ever go through those spells in your business when you’re having lots of great conversations with potential new customers who feel like your ideal customer? The conversations go amazingly well, the relationships click perfectly, and everything seems aligned for these to become your new favourite customers. And yet somehow, they all slip through […]

How to overcome the loneliness of building a business

Do you ever feel isolated when you’re running your business? Does your business sometimes feel like a very lonely place? Because I think this is something the vast majority of us go through.  And not just once, it can easily rear its head again quite regularly. No matter how much our friends and family really […]