3 Simple Tips for Daily Focus

How are your days going right now in the joys of lockdown? Are you finding it impossible to focus because your house is non-stop chaos? Or are you finding things incredibly monotonous so that days all seem to blur into one? Or maybe you’re one of the fortunate few who is sticking to a structure […]

How To Help More Customers Say Yes

Do your potential customers see you as the expert? Or are you being a little bit too humble with your knowledge and your attributes? It can be very tempting when you’re talking to a potential new customer to be very gracious, very warm, very open; to share a lot of knowledge and information, but not […]

A Simple Method To Upgrade Your Customers

Are all your clients fabulously awesome, perfect, wonderful, amazing, ideal clients? Or are there a few hangers-on and lurkers in there that you would actually much rather see the back of? Do you have some of those awful clients that bleed you dry in terms of your time, your energy, and your cashflow? One of […]

Are Bigger Customers Always Better For Your Business?

Have you ever had that conversation with yourself about chasing bigger customers? About how much easier business would be if you could make the same amount of money (or more) but work with a lot less clients? Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love that idea? It’s quite possible that working with bigger customers will […]

The Power of Asking Great Questions

I want to let you into a secret this week that could save you lots of time and energy in your future sales meetings. It’s a great trick that could make those meetings feel much less stressful, run more smoothly and hopefully become a lot more lucrative for you too. Because I know that sales […]

Are your Customers Always Testing Your Boundaries?

Do you have customers who always seem to work on the ‘give them an inch and they’ll take a mile’ principle? The truth is that most businesses have at least a couple of customers like that. Often it creeps up on you until you suddenly realise that you’ve delivered way more than a customer has […]

Why Not Everyone is Your Customer

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is thinking that everyone needs their product or service. How many times have you heard someone at a networking event say they’re looking for “anybody who runs their own business” or “anybody who needs X, Y or Z”? So, what’s the problem? Surely having a really […]