How To Stay Focused On Your Mission

Can you remember how you felt when you first started your business? All that youthful energy! The naivety that convinced you that global domination was just around the corner. And the determination to deliver fantastic results to amazing people. Business has a small habit of getting in the way of those idealistic pipedreams though doesn’t […]

How to get to grips with the numbers in your business

Hands up who loves working on the numbers in your business? Spreadsheets and balance sheets – woohoo! No??? Bane of your life? Stuff you constantly shy away from and leave until the last possible moment to deal with?!? OK, let’s be honest, most people do NOT love the accounting bits of their business. It’s easy […]

Do I Need To Pivot?

How many times have you heard the word ‘pivot’ recently? Is it more than a bazillion or just slightly less? Have you already pivoted in your business as a result of the current situation? It feels as though EVERYONE is doing it & for some it’s undoubtedly the right thing to do. But it isn’t […]

3 Simple Tips for Daily Focus

How are your days going right now in the joys of lockdown? Are you finding it impossible to focus because your house is non-stop chaos? Or are you finding things incredibly monotonous so that days all seem to blur into one? Or maybe you’re one of the fortunate few who is sticking to a structure […]

How to Help More People to Buy From You

How good are you at telling people how much it costs to work with you? Or even at explaining exactly how they can work with you and what you offer? This is such a key moment for your potential customers but that only adds to the discomfort of talking about money doesn’t it? Because how […]

How To Grow Your Business Through Collaboration

Is collaboration a deliberate part of your business strategy? Or do you like the idea of it but have never worked out how to make it happen? Or think I’m bonkers and prefer to see everyone else as your arch enemy (although let’s be honest you probably wouldn’t be in this group if you were […]

How To Build Some Consistency Into Your Weeks

Do you control your diary or is it controlling you? Do your weeks feel consistent, nicely mapped out and organised in a way that works well? Or are they more like kamikaze weather storms that keep eating you up and spitting you out? My vlog last week talked through a process to map out a […]

A Simple Method To Upgrade Your Customers

Are all your clients fabulously awesome, perfect, wonderful, amazing, ideal clients? Or are there a few hangers-on and lurkers in there that you would actually much rather see the back of? Do you have some of those awful clients that bleed you dry in terms of your time, your energy, and your cashflow? One of […]

How to Write Great Proposals That Gain You More Clients

Do you ever find yourself feeling bamboozled and at a bit of a loss when a potential client asks you to send them a proposal? There can be so many tricky questions about quotes or proposals can’t there? How do you know what to put in there? How do you make yourself look fabulous and professional? How do you create […]

How Systems & Processes Can Help You Grow Your Business

If I suggested we talked about systems and processes in your business, what would be your immediate reaction? My guess is that it would NOT be a reaction of excitement! Let’s face it, systems and processes generally make us think about things that are slightly dull, fairly monotonous, perhaps a bit regimented, and maybe even […]