about-paula-cohenI’m Paula Cohen, the face behind the business that is Taylory. I created Taylory to help small businesses and their owners realise just how much potential they’ve got, and then help them achieve it.

I am fascinated by people and what makes them tick. We are a truly amazing species. And yet so few people I meet realise just how much potential they have. Most people are working at somewhere around 40 to 60% of their potential. Imagine what could do if you were at 80 or 90%!

I love the world of small business. An industry that is so crucial to our national economy and its growth. An industry that can create jobs, allow people to change their own and others’ lives. An industry filled with people who really want to make a difference. And my dream is to help as many of those people as I can to realise their dreams.

I created Taylory because it brings together all of my previous experiences to provide practical, hands-on support to small businesses. I think the start of my fascination with human potential was my sporting background. From the age of 10 I was obsessed by athletics. By 16 I was training 6 days a week and loving it. I won 3 national schools titles, the Under 23 European Cup and went on to represent England & Great Britain a number of times. Happy Days!

What I learnt from athletics was how people with real self-belief can out-perform others who have more talent but less belief. And that’s the foundation of Taylory. Helping people to believe in themselves and their business so they can get out there and find the success they deserve.

After I ‘retired’ from athletics I put my energies into my corporate career with Lloyds Bank. I had some great times with the Bank including 5 years working as a Change Manager and a further 5 working as a Leadership Trainer. These allowed me to build my skills in recruiting, managing and motivating people and helping people deal with tough periods of change.

I’m probably a bit odd because I quite like change and the challenge that it brings. It’s a great time to find out about your potential! Most people though are not fans of change and that in itself is one of the biggest challenges in running a small business. To reach its potential a small business has to constantly change, adapt and grow but for many owners that’s incredibly uncomfortable. That’s another reason I started Taylory, so I can support people through those tricky changes and help them grow themselves and their businesses through that change.

I left banking in 2008 (just before the banking crash – it was all still highly respectable while I was there!) Like many other who have left careers in the corporate world I had become frustrated by the bureaucracy and the hierarchy and wanted to strip all of that away and work face-to-face, 1-to-1 with my customers in a way that I thought could make a real difference.

From late 2008 I ran a business coaching franchise for 7 years which gave me masses of experience of working with the owners of small businesses who were keen to grow but needed some help to get there. This period gave me fantastic experience of working with small businesses on their growth plans, their marketing, their people and their systems. It also showed me what a difference it makes when business owners get focused and start to really believe in their potential.

So, Taylory builds on all of that experience. It offers my unique blend of small business knowledge, corporate training and sporting achievements.

I work with business owners and their teams to improve processes, create clear marketing plans and recruit and train great teams. I work face-to-face with businesses across the North West and North Wales and via Skype with businesses nationwide, and in all sorts of industries.

I live in Northwich, Cheshire with my 2 slightly demented cats (Archie the Hunter Cat and Ellie the Scaredy Cat) and a lovely other half called Mike and we spend most of our summer weekends at our holiday home in Anglesey.