Why You Ought To Celebrate Your Successes

Do you take the time to celebrate with when you achieve something in your business? And I don’t just mean when you hit a massive milestone or do something significant. I mean those little moments like putting your prices up without passing out. Or saying no to that ungrateful customer who is forever demanding more, […]

How To Shake Off Your Frustration

You know those days when something really bugs you?   Probably something trivial, that you know you shouldn’t really care about.   But it’s bloody annoying.   And the more you think about it the more frustrated you get … until you hit the point where you can’t really remember what you’re annoyed about but […]

How To Host A Perfect Sales Call

What an amazing week of weather we’ve been having this week.   Can you believe we actually had a Bank holiday with decent weather. Amazeballs!   But enough about the weather!   I thought it might be useful this week to share some of my favourite sources of tips and advice for social media.   […]