How Far Ahead Should You Plan Your Business?

Do you ever listen to people talking about 10 year business goals and wonder how anybody can have a clue what their business will look like in 10 years?   Have you tried setting 3 or 5 year goals and just felt like it was a pointless exercise?   Well, do you know what?   […]

How To Manage Your Awkward Customers

The type of customers you work with can make such a huge difference to your enjoyment of your business can’t it?   Customers who value and appreciate you bring huuuuge satisfaction.   Whereas needy, greedy, never satisfied punters just sap your energy and drain your confidence!   But it’s not always easy to spot which […]

How To Sell Without Being Sleazy

Have you ever had one of those awful experiences of being on the receiving end of a really unpleasant ‘hard sell’?   You know those times where you’re cringing, backing away, trying to shrink and desperate to get away from a slimy salesperson.   Yuck!   It’s amazing how long those experiences stick in the […]

How to Plan Out Your Weeks

  Do you have some regular routines in your business that hep you stay organised?   Do you plan for each week to have a similar structure?   Or are they all like kamikaze creatures possessed?   If they’re manic, do not panic!   (Do you see what I did there?)   This week’s vlog […]