How To Create A Business That Makes You Happy

I’m a firm believer that your business is there to serve you and to help you create the life and lifestyle that you truly want to.   Rather than it being something that takes over your life completely and leaves you feeling trapped, obligated or just plain frustrated.   It’s surprisingly easy though to find […]

How To Increase Your Prices

Do you always struggle when it comes to knowing the right time to put your prices up?   Do you ask yourself a million questions about how, when, who for, by how much, or whether to just avoid it altogether?   I think there’s no question that price increases can feel like one of the […]

Have you mastered the first rule of marketing?

I was talking with a recent group of planners at one of my Planning Workshops about the perils of marketing.   And the feeling that you having to be constantly learning and innovating.   Which often feels impossible when you’re already juggling 86 bazillion other balls to keep your business growing doesn’t it?   I […]