How To Keep Track of Everything

Does your to do list often feel as though it has a life of its own? As though it’s a creature possessed that just keeps growing and growing no matter what you do? I’ll let you into a secret… Most other people are feeling exactly the same. Which is why I wanted to share 3 […]

How To Explain Your Value

We’ve all heard the advice about selling on value rathe than price haven’t we?   It’s great advice.   But that doesn’t mean that focusing on or articulating your value is an easy thing to do.   For many people I actually think it’s really tricky.   Because you have to find that perfect balance […]

Do you need a business plan

Have you ever spent aaaaaaages creating a business plan and then never really used it at all? Or have you created a plan that looked amazing but you never managed to stick to the plan so the effort was all wasted anyway. Would you love to have a clear and simple plan but you feel […]

Do you tolerate too much?

Would you describe yourself as a tolerant person?   Because tolerance is often seen as a bit of a virtue isn’t it, so it’s something we should strive for surely?   Well, actually NO.   Not in business!   In business tolerance is likely to mean your boundaries are woolly, your customers expect too much […]