How to Handle Requests For A Discount

How do you feel when somebody asks you for a discount? Are you appalled, outraged and indignant? Disappointed that they can’t see the value in what you do? Or intimidated by the thought of having to justify your price? Orrrrrr, do you just tend to capitulate & agree because, hey they’re nice and they’ll make […]

How to build simple systems into your business

Do you regularly feel as though your business is too chaotic? As though there are so many things to remember that you feel as though you’re forever spinning plates? You’re definitely not alone in that. I think it’s a really common challenge to know that you need to create some proper systems and processes but […]

How To Rediscover Your Mojo

Is it feeling as though staying positive and focused is getting harder and harder as the year goes on? Are you normally the one who keeps everyone else positive and upbeat? But you’re feeling as though your mojo is flagging and your focus is failing right now? It has been a TOUGH old year hasn’t […]

Is It Time To Put Your Prices Up?

Do you feel as though setting your price is a constant quandary? Do you worry that increasing your price will lose you all your customers? Even though you know you’re really undercharging! Personally, I think pricing is one of the most difficult and most emotional areas of business. Which is why my vlog this week […]