3 Simple Tips for Daily Focus

How are your days going right now in the joys of lockdown? Are you finding it impossible to focus because your house is non-stop chaos? Or are you finding things incredibly monotonous so that days all seem to blur into one? Or maybe you’re one of the fortunate few who is sticking to a structure […]

How To Handle Your Credit Control

What the heck is credit control anyway? This is stuff other people do surely, not you or I?? Well no, credit control is exactly what you need to have in place in your business so that you know what to do the moment a customer is late paying their invoice. It’s what you need to […]

Should I Still Be Selling Right Now?

Have you been having a crisis of confidence about whether its OK to still be marketing and selling your stuff right now? Are you seeing too many ranters online screaming that this is immoral or profiteering? Well I think that’s nonsense! Of course we shouldn’t try and milk the situation & suddenly turn into mercenary […]