How To Become The ‘Go-To’ Person For Your Customers

How well do people really understand what you do? Is it crystal clear to all and sundry or is there a risk that you’re seen as a bit of a jack of all trades who can do lots of things but isn’t necessarily the best at any of them? It can be tricky trying to […]

How to Help More People to Buy From You

How good are you at telling people how much it costs to work with you? Or even at explaining exactly how they can work with you and what you offer? This is such a key moment for your potential customers but that only adds to the discomfort of talking about money doesn’t it? Because how […]

How To Grow Your Business Through Collaboration

Is collaboration a deliberate part of your business strategy? Or do you like the idea of it but have never worked out how to make it happen? Or think I’m bonkers and prefer to see everyone else as your arch enemy (although let’s be honest you probably wouldn’t be in this group if you were […]

How To Build Some Consistency Into Your Weeks

Do you control your diary or is it controlling you? Do your weeks feel consistent, nicely mapped out and organised in a way that works well? Or are they more like kamikaze weather storms that keep eating you up and spitting you out? My vlog last week talked through a process to map out a […]