Classic Social Media Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Do you get paranoid that being more active on social media will just draw all the trolls and haters out of the woodwork? Are you determined to build stronger connections on here this year but constantly juggle your doubts about how often to sell (or whether never selling at all would just feel more comfortable!) […]

Do You Really Need To Define Your Ideal Client?

Do you hear or read constantly about ‘defining your ideal client’ or being ‘super specific about your avatar’ and wonder how on earth you can apply that to your own business? Or do you keep making a start on this but still feel like you’re not really making it work? For me, there’s no question […]

Why small is beautiful

Do you ever find yourself feeling inferior to the bigger businesses in your industry? Do you feel as though they have a more rounded, comprehensive offer that makes it hard for you to match them? This is something I talk to my clients about a lot. Whenever they have the opportunity to compete for a […]

What’s better than New Year’s resolutions?

Are you wondering whether you should be setting New Year’s resolutions for your business or not? Here’s a 5-minute video that explains why I think these are a waste of time, and what you can do instead.   Do you usually set New Year’s resolutions for your business? And if you’ve set them in the […]