How to deal with those vanishing prospects

Have you ever found yourself in that sort of situation where you are talking to the world’s most amazing potential customer? It’s absolutely nailed-on. You’re having the perfect conversation. The relationship, the connection is going amazingly well. They’re asking you all the right questions. They seem very comfortable with your price. They’re telling you everything […]

Can You Be Too Nice In Business?

Do you think that it is possible to be too nice in business? Because being nice is a good thing, isn’t it? It’s good to be nice. And yet what I actually find more and more is that, when my clients are actually too nice, what it leads to is more than likely being taken […]

Have you thought about putting your prices up?

Have you put your prices up recently or are you in that space of thinking that you probably should put them up but you’re not quite ready yet? Or maybe you’ll put them up soon but you’re just waiting for some kind of sign, or you’ve just got all those questions going on about what […]

How To Help More Customers Say Yes

Do your potential customers see you as the expert? Or are you being a little bit too humble with your knowledge and your attributes? It can be very tempting when you’re talking to a potential new customer to be very gracious, very warm, very open; to share a lot of knowledge and information, but not […]