How To Stop Trying To Be All Things To All People

Do you ever find yourself feeling under pressure to try to be all things to all people within your business? There’s probably a huge range of products and services that you could offer. Maybe face to face services, perhaps online services, possibly one-off products, or long term retained products; all sorts of different things. Maybe […]

How To Manage Your Natural Energy Peaks And Troughs

Have you ever noticed that when you run your own business, you can have huge highs and lows in your energy and your motivation? One day you can feel really motivated, totally focused, you’re completely ‘on it’. Well and truly in the zone! But somehow, before you know it, all that energy can just vanish, […]

A Simple Method To Upgrade Your Customers

Are all your clients fabulously awesome, perfect, wonderful, amazing, ideal clients? Or are there a few hangers-on and lurkers in there that you would actually much rather see the back of? Do you have some of those awful clients that bleed you dry in terms of your time, your energy, and your cashflow? One of […]