Do you stand out from the crowd?

Do you feel as though your business really stands out from the crowd, or is that something you find quite challenging? Personally, I think for the vast majority of us, we have a lot of competition out there these days. There are very, very few businesses that do not have a stack of competition out […]

Two Simple Questions To Overcome Your Indecision

I want to talk to you today about ‘What If Syndrome’, This magical mystery What If Syndrome is something that I think is incredibly common amongst people growing a business. And it’s also one of the most likely reasons to stop people making the kind of progress that they really should do in their business. […]

How To Get Your Business’ Finances Under Control

How well do you understand all of the financial things about your business? Because let’s be honest, unless you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper, the vast majority of us didn’t go into business because we love accounts and numbers and spreadsheets and finances and things. And actually for a lot of us, they leave us […]