3 Reasons Over-Servicing Could Be Damaging Your Business

Do you pride yourself on delivering exactly what your customers pay for? Or are you one of those people that really likes to go the extra mile? Do you pride yourself instead on delivering something more than the customer is paying for? Do you believe that over-delivering, or over-servicing as we might call it, is […]

3 Reasons Your Sales Are Slipping Through The Net

Do you ever go through those spells in your business when you’re having lots of great conversations with potential new customers who feel like your ideal customer? The conversations go amazingly well, the relationships click perfectly, and everything seems aligned for these to become your new favourite customers. And yet somehow, they all slip through […]

Ever feel overwhelmed?

Do you ever get the frustrated feeling that you’ve been working absolutely nonstop for the last few days or even the last few weeks but somehow you’re just not making the inroads that you want to? Do you feel as though everything you have to do for your business is just overwhelming? Like you’re struggling […]