Is winning an award on your wish list for 2019?

Do you ever feel like an unsung hero? Owning your own business can be a double-edged sword – especially when you’re the one writing all the cheques, keeping the ship running and fighting for the vision that led you to set up in the first place. Unlike passing your driving test, buying a new house […]

Active Cheshire’s top 10 tips for getting active at work

Now we all know we should be moving more, the benefits of being active are endless; helping to reduce stress, weight loss and generally living a happier and healthier life. There aren’t many issues being physically active won’t help. But let’s face it, you’re not alone if you feel that going for a run or […]

How to Delegate like a Pro – Go Back to Basics!

When it comes to delegating, can you guess the one simple mistake you can easily avoid? Mmm thought not You see it’s so easy to overcomplicate everything these days that we often overlook the basics. Anyone can delegate. After all, it’s not hard.   Delegating well, however, is a whole different story!   Imagine you’re […]

5 Classic Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Marketing is so important to a growing business isn’t it? But that doesn’t mean that it’s quick or easy, and it definitely doesn’t mean that every type of marketing you do will always generate results. If only it were so simple! If only you knew exactly which type of marketing was the right one for […]