Do you have clarity?

I think one of the biggest things that gets in the way when you’re trying to grow a business is feeling completely bamboozled by the number of ideas you have, and the volume of ‘stuff’ that you know needs doing in order to get you there. ‘Idea overload’ is definitely something I’m guilty of myself […]

What Does Value Really Mean?

Do you ever have that sinking feeling at the very moment you’re about to tell somebody your price, when your conscience jumps in with the ‘can I really charge that’ doubt? Am I worth that? Do I really deliver that much value? I know this is something that happens to a lot of people (I […]

The Most Important 20 Minutes Of Your Day

Are you one of those naturally well-organised people who starts every day feeling focused, motivated and completely clear on what you’re going to achieve that day? Or are you like the majority of people who start their day by trying to work out which of their 8 billion priorities they should work on first and […]

Scheduling Your Way To Becoming More Organised

Are you somebody that loves to have a really detailed schedule for the next few days? Or are you like lots of people running their own business who crave freedom, fluidity and variety in their days? A lot of my clients prefer this approach because often they’ve left behind a job or a corporate role […]