Why Every Business Needs A Sales Process

When I say ‘sales process’ does that make you think of pushy, aggressive sales people who have their own inflexible approach that never bends regardless of your needs as a customer? If it does, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone because I know it implies that for a lot of people! But it absolutely doesn’t […]

Why Pressure Is A Privilege

I was absolutely engrossed over the weekend watching the Winter Olympics. Saturday was an amazing, record breaking day for Great Britain as we won 3 medals in a day for the first time ever. What brilliant performances! There was one throwaway line in skeleton gold-medallist Lizzy Yarnold’s post-competition interview that really intrigued me though. She was […]

3 Ways To Get Paid Faster

One of the most damaging things to a small business is having clients that pay late.  The best laid plans can be shattered when expected payments don’t arrive. You may then find yourself in that awkward situation of having to juggle the payments due out of your own business and working out what’s the most […]